The Proclamation Awarded


Presenting the 2019 City of Davis

Environmental Recognition Award


Larry Fisher

WHEREAS, for twenty-five consecutive years, the City of Davis Natural Resources Commission has selected Environmental Recognition Awards to be presented by the Davis City Council to local individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations in encouragement and recognition of those who have made a difference in our community’s overall sustainability goals and have improved Davis’ environmental quality of life; and

WHEREAS, Larry Fisher, a Davis resident, is a modern day tinker who lives and works locally to convert trash into useful goods, and is the living embodiment of the credo, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, inspiring and encouraging others to do the same; and

WHEREAS, Larry Fisher has “walked the walk”, providing 30+ years of community improvements using almost exclusively recycled materials for purposes such as community garden elements, chicken coops, bicycles, greywater and other water conservation efforts; and


WHEREAS, Larry Fisher, has continued to be proactive in community service through volunteer projects at the N Street Cohousing, including installing salvaged pavers, handrails and other recycled material improvements; at the Delta of Venus exterior patio and “low carbon landscaping” area; and with the Davis Bike Collective program to refurbish discarded bikes for use by children of low-income farm workers; and

WHEREAS, Larry Fisher created “TOREMA”, TOtally REcycled MAterials, and held TOREMA tool-making workshops for residents and posted the taped videos on social media websites as public domain, open-source instructional videos to reduce one’s environmental footprint; and

WHEREAS, Larry Fisher has worked extensively with the UC Davis community, including the Student Farm, the Craft Center and Annual Solar Boat Regatta Competition, providing recycled materials, advise, expertise and inspiration to students; as well as with providing materials for art, science and gardening projects at city and county schools; and for underserved populations;

Now, Therefore, we, the Davis City Council, present the 2019 Environmental Recognition Award in the individual category to Larry Fisher, in recognition of efforts in the community that have benefited the environment and the City’s overall sustainability objectives.

Date: April 23, 2019

Brett Lee (Mayor)

Gloria Partida (Mayor Pro Tem)

Lucas Frerichs (Councilmember)

Dan Carson (Councilmember)

Will Arnold (Councilmember)